Flood lights

Flood lights provide a variety of illumination options to keep both residential and business sites safe from potential criminal activities. Outdoor floodlights give lots of lighting that can dissuade thieves from their dishonest activity if you’re concerned about your property and safety. LED Pot Lights. Flood lights are just what their name implies: light fixtures that can create a huge amount of artificial light, lighting a broad area. When people hear the word flood (as in floodlights), their brains immediately equate it with water. Floodlights have no relationship with water. Instead, they are floodlights since they illuminate a broad area.

Flood lights have gone a long way in the last several years, thanks to LED technology. LEDs were quite handy and suitable for lower brightness when they were initially launched; devices like globes or LED strip lights achieved this. LED Pot Lights. This was due to the fact that they were not as efficient as they are now. If the maker increased the brightness of the LEDs, they would simply burn out. Rest assured, they are now more efficient and last far longer. In this article, we will explore which LED flood lights to buy and what specifications to check for before making a purchase.

  1. Wattage

Wattage refers to the amount of power a light emits; consequently, the number of watts a light bulb possesses largely determines its brightness. To put it another way, the higher the wattage, the brighter the light. LED flood lights are available in a variety of wattages. LED Pot Lights. This includes anything from modest power lights (15-40 watts) to industrial grade 400 watt flood lights for important uses like airports and sports stadium lighting.

  1. LED Flood Light Sensor 

Almost every LED flood light model now includes the option of including a sensor or wiring an external sensor to the flood light. LED Pot Lights. A sensor LED flood light is an excellent alternative since it saves energy and allows you to adjust the sensitivity and duration of the flood light.

  1. Color Temperature 

This is a crucial aspect since it will significantly alter the application. If you want the application to be as clean and brilliant as possible, go with a 5500k kelvin, which will give off a pure bright white color. LED Pot Lights. This LED flood light temperature is appropriate for car parks, athletic grounds, and workplaces. If you want the application to be warmer, use a 4000k, which will provide a natural color of light that will fit practically any application. If you want to add additional mood and atmosphere to your space, consider using a 3000k warm white, which will give off a calm vibe LED Pot Lights.

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