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There are many options for warehouse lighting, but one that is gaining popularity is LED (light emitting diode) lighting for high shelves. LED high bay lights are common in warehouses, facilities, and venues with high ceilings that require lighting over 15 feet. In addition to warehouses, sports arenas, gymnasiums, loading docks, and other industrial facilities are popular locations for this type of lighting.

What makes LED high-bay lighting better than other options, such as fluorescent or CFL (Compact Fluorescent)? Let’s take a closer look here.

1. Energy saver

It all starts with energy efficiency. This is a major advantage of LED hall lighting over other types of lighting. Notably, these lights consume less power than other lighting styles, and it’s not uncommon for facilities to save up to 80% on their electricity bills compared to alternative lighting. Combining that lighting with smart sensors could potentially save you even more.

However, cost savings are only one of his major benefits. There are many more.

2. Sturdy and cool

High-bay LED lights to last up to 10x longer than CFLs and fluorescents. And they give off no heat when they are on. This is not only a safety advantage compared to other types of lights but also saves cooling costs as there is no heat generation. It’s estimated that high-bay LEDs can save facilities up to 20% on electricity bills by reducing the need for air conditioning.

3. Durability and Visibility Benefits

We’ve already told you that high-bay led last longer, and they last a lot longer. It is fairly damage tolerant and lasts to the point where it requires no maintenance. Simply put, these lights don’t break easily.

LEDs are easy on the eyes. When you turn on the neon lights, they flicker, at least for a while. Switch on the LED hall lamp, and you’ll have the light you need in no time. In fact, toggle it on and off as often as you like. You will not notice any issues or flickering.

4. Reduced maintenance costs

Switching to LEDs can also significantly reduce high bay light maintenance. This is due to how the LED produces light, and its life passes. Instead of stopping proper operation when the fuel source is greatly reduced, the light output produced by the LED decreases very slowly over time. As a result, the functional life of the LED product is significantly longer than that of his HID lamps, greatly reducing the mandatory maintenance amount.

5. Improved light uniformity

LED lighting indeed disperses light more than another lighting. In fact, many people report 8% more light uniformity with LED high-bay lighting compared to other lights. Other advantages of LED high-bay lighting over fluorescent and CFL lights include less light distortion and minimal static build-up.

In contrast, HID lights create a “bright spot” directly below the light, and the luminosity drops significantly as the distance between the lights increases.

In summary, there are three main reasons a facility should consider installing an LED retrofit. Switching can result in immediate energy savings, less frequent lighting maintenance, and improved overall lighting performance.

One of the main problems with installing high-bay LEDs in warehouses is the high initial cost. However, the investment in LED high-bay lighting is worth it when considering energy savings and longevity.

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