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LED Retrofitting Lamps

When looking for lighting, you often come across the term “retrofit.” This designates a particular type of lamp that does not initially reveal a pattern, as it spans several categories. Retrofit LEDs are specifically designed to replace traditional incandescent or halogen lamps, so they have the same base and look the same. led pot lights This article explains what ‘retrofit’ is and why future-oriented LED lighting plays an important role.

What kind of sockets does the LED retrofit light have? True to the above principles, there are LED retrofit lights for every possible socket, including the popular E27 and E14. However, retrofit lights such as bayonet sockets are also available. There are also retrofit LEDs for quick and easy replacement of low voltage lights, such as the GU10 spotlight. Below we have compiled the most popular retrofit categories.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing LED retrofit lights.

Retrofit lamp dimensions

  • Color temperature
  • Dimming
  • LED transformer for low voltage LED lighting

Dimensions of retrofit lights

Make sure the aftermarket light you want to buy actually fits into your existing socket or light. Some LEDs are slightly wider or longer than the previous ones. This is because the number of electronic components that require space increases. led pot lights Dimensions are listed in the technical information for each product.

LED retrofit lighting for wood

Retrofit LEDs are available in various color temperatures. The cliché that LEDs are always cool white no longer applies. Therefore, paying attention to the Kelvin value when purchasing a new light source is important.

Represents the warmth of the lamp light. As a rule you can remember:

The lower the digits, the more reddish the light and the higher the color temperature.

The most common light colors are:

Extra Warm White (up to 2,700 K), Warm White (up to 3,000 K), Cool White (up to 4,000 K), Daylight White (from 6,500 K). As usual, the color temperature of the lamp is given in the technical information.


Many traditional lamps are dimmable, but LEDs are a little different.

Not all LED retrofits can be dimmed. You can always tell if a lamp is dimmable in the product title or technical information. Additionally, you should consider:

Dimming LEDs does not work with regular dimmers. For this, you need a special LED dimmer.

LED transformer for low voltage LED lighting

When replacing low-voltage lighting, such as halogen spotlights, led pot lights with LEDs, you should also check the built-in transformer. Many older models require higher minimum loads than aftermarket LEDs can handle. This can lead to complications:

Either the LED does not light up at all, or it fails quickly. led pot lights Therefore, replacing the old transformers with LED transformers as soon as possible is recommended.

LED Retrofitting lamps are very advanced and carefully developed, improving all the faults in the previous light bulbs. Retrofitting lamps are very convenient and electricity bill friendly, giving off an excellent performance.

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