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Recessed lights

Recessed light is a type of lighting fixture in which the light bulb is mounted on the surface. Usually in the ceiling, but sometimes they are installed in closets and even doors. In contrast to standard lighting, recessed lighting does not act as an eye-catcher next to other furniture.

Nine types of Recessed Lights

All recessed lights start with the same concept.

Recessed lights are in the ceiling just above the ceiling tiles. The difference lies in the types of downlights you can choose from. led pot lights Discover 9 different light strips that are perfect to pair with your recessed lighting.

Open trim. This type of bezel places the light bulb almost flush with the ceiling. You can’t see inside the lamp.

Reflector trim. This type of fairing features a reflective surface on the inside of the lamp. led pot lights This amplifies the light produced by the built-in lamp.

Trim aperture. The bulb is probably the most common type of downlight with a black ribbed interior to minimize glare and reflections.

Pinhole. A recessed pinhole fixture directs all light from an incandescent bulb into a narrow downward channel. This gives it a cool and totally modern look.

Trim eyeballs. This adjustable trim allows you to tilt the bulb in different directions.

Gimbal. A variation of the centerpiece trim where the gimbal trimming bulb is deep in the ceiling. led pot lights The housing blocks some of the light when the bulb is set on the gimbal.

Canless trimming. No control box is required for this type of lighting strip. Instead, the lights connect directly to your home’s electrical wiring.

Shower edge. The shower panel is for recessed lights installed in damp areas. In this setup, the bulb is covered with tempered glass that blocks water.

Wall wash bar. This style of trim uses a shield to block some of the light produced by the bulb while effectively led pot lights focusing the remaining light in the style of a wall wash or feature light.

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights have several advantages that make them popular with architects, builders, homeowners, and business owners.

Unlike bulky traditional luminaires, recessed lights are unobtrusive on their own. led pot lights Hidden in the ceiling or wall, it allows other furniture to take the limelight.

It can be energy efficient. Recessed lights go well with LED bulbs. Recessed LED lighting has become standard practice across the United States as local governments promote energy efficiency.

It is very safe if you choose the right model. Look for IC-certified recessed lights. This means it is “isolated contact” safe. led pot lights Nothing bad happens when you touch fiberglass insulation. Recessed lighting should provide decades of safe and reliable service if you pay attention to the installation process.

Recessed lighting is an excellent option for rooms with low ceilings where bulky light fixtures can hurt tall people’s heads. This type of lighting is also suitable for very large rooms that would otherwise require many standard lamps to be placed across the ceiling. led pot lights You’ll find recessed lighting everywhere in your home or apartment, from the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen. In many ways, recessed lights have become an integral part of modern architecture.

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