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electric bulbs

Installing a light bulb or using a string of lights can create a hazard. There are many factors to consider, from electricity to fire, before deciding to ‘change that bulb.’

LEDs are better because they are safer and don’t emit the same heat as their counterparts. But it’s still a light bulb that uses electricity to create light. For this reason, the same safety procedures must be followed when using them, just like all the other type of light bulbs on the market.

Below are some tips for using LED lighting safely. This will make you feel comfortable when adding or replacing LED lighting in your home. LED lighting safety

Whether replacing a light bulb in your kitchen ceiling or installing Christmas lights on your roof, you should always be well-prepared and aware of safety precautions. You’ll be enjoying your new lights safely and happily in no time in just a few simple steps!

Install led light

Please prepare before installing the light, make sure you have the right size and wattage for your string lights or the right length and color. Then do the following:

Check for signs of damage.

First, check the new bulb or string of lights for signs of damage. This includes searching for cracks, exposed wires, and bad diodes. These issues can prevent new bulbs from functioning properly.

This results in a series of lights that leave awkward sections unlit or blow out bulbs when you press a switch. Dealing with these issues upfront can save you time and money in the long run.

electric bulbs

Select location

Next, check where you want to place the bulb or string of lights. When indoors, make sure you stay away from children and pets. Leave some space between furniture and avoid stuffing them with material that could get caught in the event of a broken light bulb. The LEDs are plastic and don’t get hot, but these safety precautions give you extra peace of mind.

Remove the old bulb

If replacing an existing bulb, turn off the power before removing the old bulb. Removing a light bulb when the light switch is on is never safe because the bulb still has power. If you can’t see well, have someone hold a flashlight, but always ensure this is done.

electric bulbs

Plan the deployment

Placement is important regarding LED Christmas lights and commercial string lights, especially when placed on roofs or in hard-to-reach places. So before you climb the ladder and hang the fairy lights, make a plan on paper.

In case of emergency

Whenever you face an emergency, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.

Collect materials

Keep your home stocked with supplies to help prevent fires and give injured people first aid. This includes a fire extinguisher and a fully stocked first aid kit.

Cut the power

Turn off the power immediately in an electrical emergency, such as a fire or injury. This includes unplugging the device directly from the wall outlet or going to the electrical box to disconnect the power.

If you are experiencing electrical problems that can lead to an emergency or severe cases, call an good electrician and have those things looked at immediatedly. House fires are very serious and too common. An average of 7 or even more people die each day in home fires.

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