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7 Ways to Use LED Strip Lights to Decorate Your Home

The atmosphere of your home may be made or broken by the lighting, as every interior designer is aware. We can incite romance, conjure tranquility, or prepare the environment for a hectic workday just by flipping a light switch. Lighting can be skillfully planned and placed to draw attention to priceless items, eliminate shadows in corners, or create eye-catching patterns or shadows on the floor and walls.

In this article, we’ll show you some pretty, easy ways to use LED strip lights to attractively adorn your home. Without spending a tonne of money or driving up your energy costs, LED lights are a terrific option to modernize the lighting in your house.

Here’s how to improve both your mood and your home’s aesthetic!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The reflective walls on either side of the round mirror in this bathroom do a fantastic job of capturing the warm, mellow glow behind it. The floating cabinets and wood-paneled walls make a beautiful statement, which the ingenious lighting emphasizes.

Bottoms Up

The bottles and glasses in this bar unit are illuminated by a straightforward strip light that is covertly recessed into the upper side of the shelf. It’s time to grab some pals for a night of talk and wine!

Light Up your Wardrobes

It can be annoying to search a dark closet for the desired garment. Strip lights thoughtfully placed under each shelf will help to eliminate the shadows. The efficient walk-in closet area has recessed spotlights in the ceiling that add to the space’s unpretentious atmosphere.

Zen Lighting in the Bedroom

Zen represents a simple philosophy, and the subtle lighting that is deftly concealed in the bed’s headboard wonderfully captures this idea. This lighting, which is well-balanced and inviting, eliminates the need for bedside lamps. You can rearrange the colors to produce various moods.

Living Room Elegance

An example of a living room that blends creativity and functionality is seen here. The natural light that pours in through the windows on one side is complemented by several concealed cove lights that cast a lovely glow. The huge TV screen’s backlighting utilizes the same design principles.

Functional Lights for the Staircase

The highest level of utility! Strip lights underneath the stairs are a simple yet ingenious method to make any stairwell safer while also adding instant drama and a lovely mood.

Magic in the Kitchen

Kitchen lighting needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and useful, and it should combine task lighting, ambient lighting, and mood lighting. LED strips are used effectively in this gorgeous kitchen within open shelves, beneath the cabinets, and in the toe kick area underneath the bottom cabinets. The all-white kitchen is brightened and given color by the warm yellow lights. Amazing lighting!

Why LED Lights?

In addition to being energy-efficient, LED lighting is also very affordable and simple to install. If you enjoy doing your home improvement projects, LED strip lights are simple to set up and install. Here are a few tips below:

  • Prior to purchasing, be sure to measure the exact length needed and to have a steady, dependable power source.
  • Before leaving the store, always plug in to make sure the lighting strip is operational.
  • Use connectors if you need to join two lighting lengths together.
  • You might find it useful to create a preliminary lighting design that shows the connector points, power source, and length of lights you will require.
  • Strips can be clipped into position using holders or adhered to a surface with tape or glue.


In addition to delivering the necessary functionality and enhancing the appearance of your places, accent lights have been discovered to brighten people up and lessen tension. Installing LED strip lights could be the solution you’re searching for, whether you’re trying to have a better-lit workspace or set the proper ambiance!

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