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Large lighting fixtures can be an excellent focal point for the eye in some rooms, but in many others, you don’t want a lighting fixture bulging out of the ceiling and encroaching on the rest of the room. Recessed lighting, in which light bulbs are installed just above the surface of your ceiling, is a viable alternative.

Recessed lighting fixtures all start with the same idea: recessed lighting bulbs are located inside your ceiling, just above the ceiling panel. The distinction is made by the various types of recessed light trims available. Here are nine different types of light trims that look great with recessed lighting.


  1. Trim open

The lightbulb is almost exactly flush with the ceiling with this type of trim. The inside of the lighting fixture is not visible.

  • Trim for the reflectors

Inside the lighting fixture, this type of trim has a reflective surface. This increases the amount of light produced by the recessed light bulb.

  • Trim the baffles

The most common type of recessed lighting, in which the light bulb is housed within a black ribbed interior designed to reduce glare and reflection.

  • Trim with a pinhole

Trim the pinholes Recessed lighting directs all of the light from a bulb into a narrow downward channel. This creates a cold, starkly modern appearance.

  • Trim the eyeballs

This is a movable trim that allows you to angle the lightbulb in different directions.

  • Trim the gimbal

An eyeball trim with the bulb recessed further into the ceiling. The housing will block some of the light when you adjust the bulb in a gimbal trim.

  • Canless trimming

An electrical box is not required for this type of lighting trim. The light instead plugs directly into your home’s electrical wiring.

  • Trim the shower

 Shower trim is used for recessed lighting that will be installed in a wet area. In this configuration, the lightbulb will be protected by tempered glass, which will keep water out.

  • Trim the wall wash

This trim employs a shield to block some of the light produced by the bulb, effectively focusing the remainder of the light in the style of a wall wash or feature light.


  • Recessed lights, unlike large, traditional lighting fixtures, do not draw attention to themselves. They blend into the ceilings and walls, allowing other furnishings to take center stage.
  • LED bulbs work well with recessed lighting fixtures. As municipalities promote energy efficiency, LED recessed lighting has become standard practice.
  • Look for IC-rated recessed lighting. This means it is “insulation contact” safe; nothing bad will happen if it comes into contact with fiber glass insulation.


TRIMLIGHT bulbs only use LED lighting technology, which is designed to last far longer than traditional incandescent bulbs while using a fraction of the power.

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