All You Need to Know About the Types of LED Strips

LED strips lights

A fairly common type of lighting used in home decor is LED strip lights. It is simple to place in the mirror frame, the cabinet, the ceiling, etc. Deciding to use an LED strip light is wise. Compared to conventional blub, it may offer additional brightness. It is also strong and effective.

What is an LED Strip light?

The components used to make LED strip lights include LEDs, PCBs, resistors, ICs, cables, PVC or silicon material, 3M tape, etc. Since it resembles a strip, it is also known as a strip light or tape light.

Different types of LED strip lights are suitable for installation in various locations and serve various purposes.

Let’s examine the best kind of LED strip lighting for you.

AC220V LED Strips

Also known as high voltage led strips and driver-less led strips, AC220V LED strip lighting. It requires no significant lead power supply. But it also requires a unique plug. A transparent PVC covering covers the AC LED strip lighting. Since DC LED strips are smaller, the size will be larger.

The use of AC flex led strips is simple. They can be used right away. No, a larger size lead driver is not required. All you have to do to use them right now is plug them in.

Long-lasting AC led strip lighting It can be as long as 50 meters in one continuous length. Some AC strips with lesser wattages can run for more than 100 meters. It is preferable to install outside and in locations where installing the driver is challenging.

The shortened length of the AC strip light is a drawback. Typically, it must be chopped every 1 meter. For certain small spaces, like the kitchen, that is not a good idea. A cheap AC-led strip light is offered.

The AC LED strip lamp employs a single-sided PCB, PVC is a cheap material, and it doesn’t require a high CRI because the LED is an economical variety. As a result, AC-led strip light will cost less than DC strip light.

DC LED Strip lights

In most cases, the LED strip light we refer to is a DC-led strip light. It has DC3V, DC5V, DC12V, DC24V, DC36V, DC48V, etc. in terms of voltage.

It has SMD2835, SMD3528,SMD5050,SMD3014,SMD3020,SMD5630,SMD2216,SMD2010, etc. from the led type. Flexible PCB, aluminum base PCB, FR4 PCB, and other types of PCB are available.

Small LED strip lights with a 3M adhesive backing are available. On nearly any surface, it is simple to mount. It features a little incision that makes it possible to put it in a tiny space.

Due to its tiny size and low heat output, DC LED strip lighting is the ideal solution for applications that must fit in tight locations. Low voltage makes it safe to touch in sensitive areas.

LED Rope Light

Different from LED strip lighting is LED rope lighting. Instead of being flat, it resembles a ribbon. It is a spherical object constructed of PVC material. DIP LEDs are typically used in rope lights. The rope light’s brightness is lower than that of LED strips. Compared to led rope light, LED strip light can produce more brightness.

The LED rope light can be used right away. AC220V has a specific plug. A better lighting option for festival illumination is an LED rope light.

High Output LED Strips

The high-power LED strip light is intended for unique applications. Typically, it mounts in an aluminum enclosure and uses an aluminum PCB.

It can deliver the brightest illumination. It can be used for garden lighting, ceiling coverings, and building skylines.

Both DC24V and AC220V are available. To regulate the brightness, put up a power supply and dimmer.

Compared to DC LED strips, high-output LED strips require greater professionalism. To properly utilize the strip light, you must learn more about it.


A nice lighting component is an LED strip light. Which type is best for our needs must be determined. Selecting the best option will be better for our home.Please get in touch with SuncoLED if you have any requirements for led strip lights.

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