LED canopy lights

Canopy lighting is the most commonly used term for exterior lighting designed for beneath an overhang. This sort of outdoor lighting is commonly used to give directed illumination for cars and pedestrians under overhangs or on structures. Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and Mercury Vapor Lamps are all types of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps that are often used in canopy lighting today. Below are some visual examples of non-LED canopy lighting usage.


Miniature warehouses, storage rooms, and closets

In small locations around the home, such as storage rooms and closets, or warehouses with ceilings lower than 15 feet, 40-watt LED garage canopy lights provide wonderful illumination that resembles natural sunlight. LED garage canopy lights provide a constant stream of dazzling light, filling every nook and cranny in small spaces.

Small garages or carports

LED garage canopy lights can be used for a variety of purposes in small garages and carports. LED garage canopy lights produce a bright light that deters possible burglars from entering areas where they are not wanted. The lights can also help people find their way through or within garages and carports.


  1. Lighting Effectiveness

The multi-point design of an LED fixture produces a brilliant, evenly distributed light pattern that is great for illuminating your exterior areas. The lighting will be more consistent throughout a given area, and the characteristic bright spot caused by HID bulbs will be eliminated. Aside from uniformly dispersed illumination, LEDs come in a variety of color temperatures, offering you a variety of options for enhancing the visual experience of brightness.

  • Energy Savings

LED canopy lighting typically employs wattages ranging from 40 to 600 watts, resulting in an energy savings of 40% to 60%. This might result in annual savings of up to $300 per fixture.


  • Lighting Effectiveness

HID bulb performance characteristics vary substantially depending on the type utilized in your business. High-Pressure Sodium may have a longer useable life than other types of HID at your facility due to slower lumen loss. They can, however, produce an Orange light with a very low Color Rendering Index due to the nature of their fuel. Operating Metal Halide lights will produce a white light at initially, but due to the rapid luminosity deterioration characteristic of Metal Halide lamps, the overall lifetime of your bulbs will reduce and produce a pink illumination that barely provides light.

  • Maintenance Charges

When it comes to canopy lighting, maintenance costs are always a key concern. Not only must the lamp’s lifespan be considered, but these fixtures also require the use of a bucket truck or lift to change the lights and ballasts. If your organization does not have its own bucket truck or lift, you will have to hire an outside contractor to keep your facility’s flood lighting in good working order. These expenses quickly add up, and you may be looking at $1,200 in labor and materials to maintain a single canopy light fixture for three years.

Bottom line

LED canopy lights are frequently installed on the ceiling of a structure, either on the surface or embedded. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses, such as petrol stations and garages. The LEDs in this form of light are hidden beneath the fixture’s canopy, hence the name LED canopy light.

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